The woman boldly staged a live erotic palace on the train. After being secretly photographed by the passenger in the front seat, she gestured with the middle finger angrily.

(picture intercepted from Twitter @DaveJEvans70)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] When a man in the UK took the last train home exhausted after get off work, he suddenly heard strange groans from the passengers behind him.

Shocked, the man also took a video, and the woman gave a middle finger angrily when she found out that she had been secretly filmed.

The man said that the two ignored the overhead monitors and did not stop after being photographed until they reached their destination.

According to the Daily Star, a British man took the last train at (Euston Station) in London a few days ago, but he unexpectedly bumped into a stranger's live erotic scene.

The man said that the man and woman were not lovers, or even strangers they had just met.

He added that there were more than a dozen people who got into the car together and chatted with each other during the drive. After everyone got out of the car one after another, the man thought he was the only one left, but unexpectedly heard an indescribable voice.

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The man thought that the two were drunk, and they met each other in just a few minutes. From the video recorded by the man, it can be seen that the two ignored the monitors on their heads, and the woman opened her legs unrestrainedly and let the male partner bury her in her private place and lick them wildly. .

When the woman found out that she was secretly filmed, she immediately retracted her legs and pointed her middle finger at the man, but this did not stop them from continuing to perform live eroticism until the two arrived at their destination.