(Central News Agency) NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said today that China's increasingly assertive attitude and cooperation with Russia pose a challenge to Asia and Europe, and he seeks to strengthen with more "friends" in the Indo-Pacific region. cooperate.

"Russia and China are moving closer together, and China's massive investments and new advanced military capabilities just underscore the threat China poses," Jens Stoltenberg told an audience at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, according to the Associated Press. It also poses a challenge to NATO allies. Security (problem) is not only regional, but also global."

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Stoltenberg pointed out that China continues to increase its investment in nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, does not have transparency, does not have a meaningful dialogue on nuclear weapons control, and at the same time strengthens its intimidation of neighboring countries and threatens Taiwan.

In addition, Stoltenberg also said: "NATO needs to make sure that we have friends. It is important to work more closely with our partners in the Indo-Pacific region."

He mentioned that China is increasingly cooperating with Russia, and that the two countries are leading a "resistance of authoritarian regimes" against a rules-based, open and democratic international order.

But Stoltenberg also claimed that NATO does not regard China as an enemy and does not seek confrontation, and NATO will continue to engage with China in areas of common interest, such as climate change.