Friends of Iliyan Iliev, who was killed a year ago in the capital's "Lyulin" district, are summoned to the police to sign warning protocols.

Relatives of the killer filed a report against them, claiming that they were stressed by their calls for protests against his release under house arrest. 

The brutal murder took place after a dawn celebration in honor of a newborn.

The young man was stabbed to death in front of his friends.

Polly Vankova was a close friend of the murdered Iliyan.

She was summoned by an investigating police officer in the 9th District Office to sign a warning protocol, reports Nova TV.

"Because from the moment of Iliyan's murder until now, I and my colleagues from the Lyulin group have been making posts and publications related to the murder.

Our posts are about our outrage at the decisions of the judicial system," she said.

Murder in the metropolitan district "Lyulin"

The friend of the murdered man also said that on the day the court released the murderer under house arrest, she made another publication.

With it, she called on the residents of the neighborhood to join a peaceful protest in front of the perpetrator's block.

However, his relatives decided that this was a threat to them, Polly Vankova adds.

"I also expect to be called, but I will support the group, until the last, until the killer gets what he should be - to be in prison, not free," said another friend of Iliyan - Emil.