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Relatives of a deceased woman claim that she did not receive adequate treatment.

The relatives of Dafinka Ezekieva contacted NOVA.

According to them, on January 15, the woman was taken urgently to ISUL hospital.

An ambulance is called because he falls and hits his head.

According to the family, the patient was neglected by doctors and staff.

 "Grandma was at home for a short time and fell.

My brother found her covered in blood, she hit her head.

They called an ambulance," said granddaughter Maria Tanova.

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"The admission to ISUL hospital was at 11:00 p.m.

They took a picture of her pelvis and jaws and head.

No head scan, just a picture to see if there is sinus damage.

Turns out he has a broken hip.

She is admitted for surgery to be done in 3 days because she was taking blood thinners.

But grandma starts to sleep almost constantly", said Maria Tanova.

According to her, the doctors did not pay attention to this, so they decided to transfer her to another hospital.

After telling the doctors their decision, they take the patient for a scan and it turns out that she has a hemorrhage.

They move her to intensive care.

After 5 days, the woman died.

The hospital announced that they have started an investigation into the case.

So far, no violations have been found in the doctors' activities.