A resident of Odeshchyna, accused of the rape and intentional murder of an 8-year-old girl in the village of Loshchynivka, pleaded not guilty in court.

But the evidence collected by the investigation was sufficient for a guilty verdict. 

This was reported in the press service of the prosecutor's office of Odesa region.

This terrible crime was committed back in August 2016. 

Being drunk, the man raped the child and, in order to hide the crime, decided to kill the girl.

With the screwdriver he had with him, he struck the victim's head several times with its handle, and with the sharp part he struck five stab wounds to the chest.

As a result of her injuries, the girl died on the spot.

For the commission of crimes provided for in Part 4 of Art.

152, paragraph

2, 9 h. 2 art.

115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the rapist and murderer were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The accused did not admit his guilt at the court hearing.

It will be recalled that a 43-year-old resident of the Izmail district of the Odesa region forcibly molested his named 13-year-old daughter for a long time.

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