The last meeting of PM Modi and Joe Biden took place in Berlin during the G-7 Summit in June last year.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) can visit America this summer on the invitation of US President Joe Biden. Modi has been invited for a state visit to the country.

Sources told on condition of anonymity that this invitation has been accepted in principle.

Officials from both sides are now mutually discussing possible dates for the visit.

India is presiding over the G-20 this year.

India is also hosting several G20-related events this year, including a summit in September, which will be attended by Biden, among others.

Sources said that the discussion on the plan is still in the preliminary stage.

Officials from both sides are looking for suitable dates in June and July.

Not only would the sessions of the US House of Representatives and the Senate be going on at that time, but Prime Minister Modi also has no pre-scheduled domestic or international programs.

The state visit will last at least a few days and is expected to include, among other things, an address to a joint session of the US Congress and a state dinner at the White House.

Apart from the G-20, PM Modi has several domestic and international commitments to fulfill in the second half of the year.

Along with this, at the end of this year, he will also be responsible for campaigning for the party in the assembly elections of many states.

Sources, however, did not give information about when this invitation was given and who gave this personal invitation to the Prime Minister's Office on behalf of Biden.

Biden hosted French President Emmanuel Macron at his first state dinner in December last year.

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