AMCU punishes counterfeiters of the "people's paper" through the courts with millions of fines, but the consumer can protect himself from counterfeiting only on his own.

Thus, according to the AMCU, the counterfeiting of "Obuhiv 65" ​​was carried out by the "Paper-Prod" enterprise, which is currently being charged UAH 4.2 million for falsifying the product through the court.

Fake toilet paper can be distinguished from the original by carefully studying the label.

The paint and all the inscriptions on it must be even, there must be no grammatical errors, the fonts must not spread, the correct name and address of the manufacturer - Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Plant, as well as the production dates - must be indicated.

The name of the paper itself must be "Obuhiv 65" ​​- without doubling or replacing any of the letters. 

Risks of using counterfeit paper

Buying counterfeit paper, as KKKK experts warn, involves at least two main risks.

The first is, in fact, deception of the consumer regarding the characteristics of the product. 

1. The counterfeit, as a rule, does not have the paper length of 65 meters declared by the manufacturer;

2. The paper itself does not meet the quality and safety characteristics of the brand and may contain dangerous impurities (heavy metals, formaldehydes);

3. The production technology of counterfeit toilet paper does not meet the declared standards and hygiene requirements;

The second risk is a danger to the consumer's health.

After all, the lack of production control and the use of raw materials of unknown origin can cause irritation, rashes, allergic reactions on the skin, etc. 

Quality is controlled by laboratories

In general, the production of toilet paper requires laboratory quality control at each stage, experts emphasize.

For example, the certified sanitary and industrial laboratory of Kyiv KPK carries out radiological control of both raw materials and finished products.

Control of the technological parameters of all stages of production of "Obuhivskyi" is also carried out.

Finally, the presence of impurities in the paper must be monitored.

It is very difficult to reduce the number of fakes at "Obuhiv 65" ​​on the market, says Nataliya Stepaniuk, director of the paper and paper products sales department of KKKP.

After all, the paper itself is in high demand among Ukrainians, so counterfeiters are trying to make money from it.

Vigilance of the consumers themselves will help protect against counterfeiting. 

You should also not buy paper cheaper than the price of the official manufacturer.

Because under such conditions, the probability of encountering fake products is 100%. 

Unfortunately, that consumer, not understanding all the risks of buying low-quality paper and choosing the low price of a fake, exposes himself to danger.

And as a result, the buyer then also loses interest in the original products of the Ukrainian brand, because he was already disappointed with the quality of the fake.  

Let us remind you that the Russians are also falsifying the Ukrainian "Obuhiv" paper.

In the aggressor country, the paper was named "Obuhof" and continues to be sold, passing it off as the supposedly popular Ukrainian "Obukhov 65".