The standard term for mastering an F-16 fighter is 6-11 months.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this in an interview with

"Let me remind you that the first information about our pilots in the USA began to appear as soon as this topic was raised in May of last year. In June, we saw several stories on American TV where our pilots gave interviews that they were already undergoing training. Therefore, according to the terms of March-April of this year, they will finish mastering the F-16," Zhdanov noted.

Moreover, the expert reminded that in the US military budget for 2023, 100 million dollars was officially allocated for the training of pilots for Ukraine.

"So, I think the pilots are ready," added Zhdanov.

Regarding technical training, the expert noted: equipping the airfield for F-16 is not the biggest problem that Ukraine will face when a decision is made on their provision.

He considers the availability of technical personnel and equipment for the repair of these aircraft to be the most important part, which is the main thing in the operation of the fighter. 

In addition, there are discussions in the West about aviation for Ukraine.

It is one of the components for a successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

At the same time, the head of the United States, 

Joe Biden

 , said that his country will not provide Ukraine with F-16 aircraft, but the EU countries express a different position.

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