The Nantou County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party will replace the theme boards that support 18-year-old citizenship rights and other past demands.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Report from Nantou] The Nantou County Party Headquarters Office of the Democratic Progressive Party is in full swing today. The facade renovation work is in full swing. On the front front of the gate facing you, there is a huge picture of Cai Peihui, a candidate for the by-election of the founding committee, with a smile on her face and her hands open. The portrait, together with the main axis of the campaign, marked "Gu Nantou. Working as a partner" in 6 characters, and a picture of the party chairman Lai Qingde clenching his fists to cheer was added inside the office. It symbolizes the unity of the whole party to enter the battle position and move towards the goal of overturning Nantou and winning.

The Nantou County Legislative Election is divided into 2 constituencies according to the geographical environment. Currently, the second constituency for the by-election includes Nantou City, Zhushan Town, Jiji Town, Mingjian Township, Lugu Township, Shuili Township and Xinyi Township. .

However, since the 2008 legislative election, the two-vote system for a single constituency has been implemented. Up to the latest 2020 legislative election, the by-election is also included in the calculation. The DPP has lost 5 consecutive losses in Nantou County. The Progressive Party and the Kuomintang faced each other for the 6th time in the Legislative Election Campaign, and the outcome also attracted the attention of all walks of life.

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Cai Mingxuan, chairman of the Nantou County Party Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that after confirming that the deputy secretary-general of the party, Huang Jianjia, will lead the Party Central Women's Department, the Cultural and Propaganda Department and other related departments to enter tomorrow (2), as soon as the party department personnel go to work today, they will leave Started to renovate the facade, removed the themed billboards supporting 18-year-old citizenship and other past appeals, and replaced them with Cai Peihui's campaign billboards, which is equivalent to announcing to the outside world that during the by-election of legislators, the party headquarters will have more functions as a campaign headquarters. He will be responsible for the deployment and operation of the electoral affairs of the above-mentioned 7 townships and municipal constituencies and other related matters, and will do his best to assist Cai Peihui to win the election.

As for Cai Peihui's campaign headquarters chairperson, support president and other relevant election organization staffing and personnel, I also plan to explain to all walks of life at the press conference tomorrow that the Party Central Committee will be stationed in Nantou Party Headquarters "Gu Nantou. Working as a Partner".

While thanking the Party Central Committee for caring for her so much, Cai Peihui also hopes that the folks in Nantou will give her strength to work together for Nantou's upgrade and a better future.

In response to the by-election of legislators, the Nantou County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party replaced the billboards on the front of the office with a campaign billboard featuring Cai Peihui.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

The Nantou County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party added an image of Party Chairman Lai Ching-te clenched his fist to cheer for the legislator by-election candidate Cai Peihui, symbolizing the unity of the whole party to do a good job in the auxiliary election.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)