It has been included. News of "lucky numbers for this draw" 1/2/66, the latest draw. Before winning the government lottery draw this afternoon, prepare to win "lucky numbers" and "famous numbers" from where to be popular.

Let luck win the lottery until you become the next new millionaire.

On February 1, 2023, reporters reported that

Today is the day of the government lottery.

Daily installment 1/2/23 and considered as the 2nd installment of the year

According to a survey of lottery stalls in the morning, it was found that lottery stalls still have a lot of lottery tickets to choose from.

It was found that the lottery for this draw has a relatively high price.

While many sellers have complained in the same voice since the opening of the panel that

In addition to the expensive lottery tickets, it is also quite difficult to find lottery tickets for sale.

And also worried that in the future, if the price is higher, they will not be able to compete

Come back to "lucky numbers", "popular numbers", "beautiful numbers", "lucky numbers" in this period, they can't be bought anymore.

because it was completely occupied from the first day

Whether it's a number related to the New Year's number, the Chinese calendar, the Prime Minister's car registration number

Enter various areas, Valentine's Day numbers, etc.

However, for those who do not have "lucky numbers" in their hearts, "Thairath Online" sums up lucky numbers from all over the world. Let's see.

Mute woman's daughter takes me to make merit at Nong Phak Chi temple, reveals the lucky number "Mae Takian Thong" 

mute female daughter

Taking fortune seekers to make merit, look at "lucky numbers for this round" at Wat Rat Niyom Tham

or Nong Phak Chi Temple

(Luang Pho Sung Temple) Win a millionaire draw 1/2/66

Top 10 "lucky numbers" best seller draw 1/2/66 

Here are the top 10 "lucky numbers" that sell well for the 1/2/66 draw, while lottery merchants say "popular numbers for this period" and "lucky numbers" have already been completely sold out by the lottery neck.

Collection of lucky numbers in Chiang Mai, draw 1 Feb. 2023, auspicious numbers - Chinese calendar, hot

Including "lucky numbers", Chiang Mai lottery panel, draw 1 Feb. '23, lucky numbers - Chinese calendar, hot, on the side of the goddess, calculating the lottery numbers, astrological stars, suggesting beautiful numbers, lottery results on Wednesday

already included

"Lucky numbers for this draw" from auspicious incense

, including "lucky numbers" for the latest draw, auspicious incense from many famous places

It is a way to gamble on the most popular government lottery draws for draw 1/2/66

Got more than 30 million luck, throwing money on the cemetery and burial without relatives. Lottery fans can smile "lucky numbers for this draw"

A group of lucky people got more than 30 million baht in luck and spent more than 400,000 baht to organize a banquet.

"The cemetery without relatives" while lottery fans can't miss

"Lucky numbers for this round" from auspicious incense back to gamble 1/2/66

This draw, the lottery division hasn't roamed yet. Don't forget to look at the "lucky number" 1/2/66.

that the rich man

"Lucky number for this draw" have you gone to buy "lottery tickets" yet?

Waiting to see who will be the most popular

Be the next millionaire

What did the lottery draw come out in this draw?

"Sia Chat Saipay" kindly told "lucky numbers for this draw" and "mute daughters", the lottery fans were not disappointed.

parade to shine as a way to gamble for the draw 1/2/66

take a holy bath

"Luang Pu Dusit" lottery neck, don't miss out on "lucky numbers" Wat Phai Khaek (clip)

take a holy bath

"Luang Pu Dusit" believes to fix the year of brewing, on the side of the lottery neck, don't miss out on "lucky numbers" Father Khun Chang, a billionaire, Phai Khaek Temple, Suphan Buri Province

Famous master "Luang Pu Buaket" performed the foundation stone laying ceremony of Phra That Chedi

The lottery neck reveals the car registration

"Luang Pu Bua Ket" performed the foundation stone laying ceremony of Phra That Chedi

Wat Phra That Doi Wisutyan, Chiang Mai Province, with people in the area along with "Pek-Tanya" joining.

This draw, the lottery will be issued on February 1, the statistician smiles sweetly, gets "lucky numbers" to win luck 1/2/66

Here comes the lottery statistics released on February 1, dating back 10 years. Lottery fans who like it find "famous numbers" popping up in abundance, while "lucky numbers" have been released for many draws.