For this, you will need only a five-liter water bottle.

Literally a few minutes and a convenient mini greenhouse will be ready.

What has to be done

First, you should unscrew the cap and spray the neck of the bottle.

It is best to use a metal hacksaw for this.

This will go much faster than with an ordinary knife.

Next, take a large clerical knife and use it to make longitudinal cuts on each side to the bottom of the bottle.

As a result, you should get a structure of two halves that are connected to each other.

Fertile soil can now be poured into the lower half.

This is where you will later sow future seedlings.

The bottle cap can be used to fix two halves of a five-liter bottle.

Such a mini greenhouse is ideal not only for growing seedlings at home, but also for rooting cuttings.

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