Buyers of real estate

in new buildings in

Kyiv became significantly fewer in winter.

The average

price per square meter

of primary housing as of the beginning of 2023 starts

from UAH 34,200


However, prices are likely to start rising.

Oleksandr Boyko, a realtor and head of the information and technical support committee at the Union of Real Estate Specialists in Kyiv, told

about this .

Buyers have become significantly fewer

According to him, in recent months, the number of real estate buyers in Kyiv has decreased significantly.

The Ukrainian market has been

in the stage of minimal activity

for almost a year,

but it continues to work

"Financial institutions are working - banks that provide loans to individuals for the purchase of housing under various programs," said Boyko. 

The average price per square meter in new buildings by district at the beginning of 2023:

  • Desnyan district -

    UAH 34,200


  • Svyatoshyn district -

    UAH 38,800.

  • Dnipro district -

    UAH 39,300.

  • Darnytskyi district -

    UAH 39,700.

  • Solomyansky district -

    40,000 UAH.

  • Obolonsky district -

    UAH 44,500.

  • Holosiivskyi district -

    UAH 46,100.

  • Podilsky district -

    UAH 61,800.

  • Shevchenkiv district -

    UAH 65,200.

  • Pechersky district -

    UAH 107,700


Real estate prices will start to rise

Taking into account various expert forecasts regarding the activity of hostilities in the coming months, it is quite possible to predict an increase in real estate prices, the realtor noted.

"This will, of course, happen

after the shelling of the capital and other cities ceases

. People have always bought and will continue to buy real estate," said Boyko.

The increase in demand for real estate and the expansion of lending programs

will lead to an increase in prices


It is expected that the cheapest housing options will be bought first, Boyko noted.

"I would like to add that now is a good time to buy real estate, because now you can get a good discount from sellers in the amount of at least 20% for comfort class real estate

," says a real estate specialist.

Let us remind you that apartment rental prices have fallen again in Kyiv.

Moreover, this is not related to demand, the main factor is the turbulent situation in the country and periodic shelling of the capital from the beginning of 2023.

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