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First sod on Bulgarian territory of the interconnector with Serbia.

The presidents of Bulgaria and Serbia Rumen Radev will attend the official ceremony

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, major general from the reserve.

Former commander of and Aleksandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vucic - Serbian lawyer and politician. Aleksandar Vucic was born on March 5, 1970 in Belgrade.

The gas pipeline has a total length of about 170 km - from the town of Novi Iskar to the town of Nis, Serbia, of which about 62 km is on Bulgarian territory.

The planned capacity of the pipe is up to 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas per year, with the possibility of transferring natural gas in both directions.

The expansion of the gas transmission network passed a successful financial audit

The construction of the Serbian track started a year ago.

Everything is expected to be ready by the start of this year's heating season.

The project has been talked about for 10 years, but its implementation is only now underway. 

Rumen Radev

Alexander Vucic