Tomorrow, February 2, in the Orthodox calendar

, is the day of memory of Saint Euthymius the Great


He became famous in Christianity as the founder of desert life.

Along with such names as Macarius the Great, Anthony the Great and Pachomius the Great.

His parents could not conceive a child for a long time.

They prayed a lot and finally God heard their prayers.

A son was born to them, whom the mother and father promised to dedicate to the service of the Lord.

Therefore, from childhood, Euthymius was raised in a monastery.

He accepted monasticism early, and when he was 29 years old, he went to Palestine and settled there in a cave.

Constantly prayed in the cave, kept a strict fast, worked hard.

Because of this, he became an example for many ascetics.

Monks began to come to him, so a monastery appeared on the site of the cave.

Euthymius is known in the Church not only as the founder of asceticism, but also as a healer.

The needy come to him so that he can cure their illnesses.

In honor of the saint, on February 2, the people celebrate

Euphym's Day


The church holiday of February 2 is the day of commemoration of holy martyrs

Apostle Andrew's disciples - Inna, Pinna and Rimma - were born in Scythia.

When they believed in Christ, they also helped turn many pagans to him.

When the local prince found out about it, he ordered to kill them.

They were chained to stakes driven into the Danube River.

It was winter in the yard, so the martyrs froze to death.

Other martyrs—Vase, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides—lived during the reign of King Diocletian.

They were quite rich people.

Once they saw how Bishop Theopempus was suffering for his faith in Christ, and they themselves accepted his faith.

For this, the pagans subjected them to terrible torture and they died.

Signs of February 2

Folk signs on February 2 / Photo: Pexels

  • the weather on February 2 shows what the weather will be like on the second day of Shrovetide;

  • the morning dawn does not last long and quickly fades away - frost will soon hit;

  • cats scratch the floor - blizzards will begin;

  • gloomy weather - there will be frosts in the spring.

What can't be done tomorrow

It is better not to go outside after sunset on February 2, because evil spirits can bring trouble on you.

You should not sing, because then you will have to cry.

If the weather outside the window is bad, it is better not to have a feast.

What can be done tomorrow

Our ancestors made wishes on February 2 and performed various rites for good luck.

It is also worth praying to Saint Euthymius to be cured of diseases.

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