In order to adjust the cost of childcare in consideration of quality, the Gao City Government announced today that it will absorb the increase in fees, and increase subsidies in stages in February and August. The burden of childcare is the lowest.

The picture shows Mayor Chen Qimai handing out small red envelopes for the Year of the Rabbit at a public baby-sitting center.

(Photo by reporter Fang Zhixian)

[Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report] In order to ensure the quality of childcare and ease the operating pressure of the industry, the Kaohsiung City Government decided to increase the service fee for home-based childcare starting in February, with an increase of 400 yuan for day care and 640 yuan for full-day care; starting in August Increased the fee for quasi-public childcare centers by 815 yuan. However, in order to reduce the burden of parental childcare, Mayor Chen Qimai announced today that the city government will absorb the increase in fees, except for the "Kaohsiung Overweight Quasi-Public Childcare Subsidy" that was implemented in October last year. In August, the subsidy will be increased in stages, and the childcare burden will be the lowest.

The Social Bureau of the Gao City Government stated that the subsidy for day care for prospective public nannies was increased by 1,200 yuan in October last year, and an additional subsidy of 400 yuan has been added since February this year, for a total of 1,600 yuan per month. The subsidy is 1,840 yuan; the child care center has increased the subsidy of 2,000 yuan, and since August this year, an additional subsidy of 500 yuan has been added, with a total monthly subsidy of 2,500 yuan to reduce the burden of parenting and practice the city government and the family. promise.

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According to the Social Affairs Bureau, high-level public childcare subsidies, child-rearing families can also receive a monthly central subsidy of 8,500 yuan in accordance with the Executive Yuan's national policy of raising children aged 0 to 6 together.

Kaohsiung childcare families will receive a monthly subsidy of 8,500 yuan per month for prospective public nannies from February this year, and an additional monthly subsidy of 1,600 yuan per month for day care. The total monthly subsidy is 10,100 yuan. .

In addition, the full-day childcare subsidy is 1,840 yuan, and the monthly subsidy is 10,340 yuan. The maximum monthly burden of parents is 14,900 yuan. In addition, starting from August this year, the central subsidy of 8,500 yuan per month will be given to public childcare centers, and the monthly subsidy will be increased. 2,500 yuan, a total monthly subsidy of 11,000 yuan, and the maximum monthly burden of parents is 9,815 yuan.

Chen Qimai said that in line with the central government's measures to support childcare, childcare allowances and childcare subsidies will not exclude the rich from January this year, that is, the restriction on the comprehensive income tax rate of less than 20% will be canceled to benefit more childcare families. Expand childcare family care measures, so that economically disadvantaged mothers can not only receive maternity allowances and home confinement service subsidies together, but also can use confinement services as cash subsidies, so that "the first child can be up to 50,000 yuan in total, two or three The child is also subsidized according to the order of birth, reaching 60,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan."

To adjust childcare fees in consideration of quality, Kaohsiung quasi-public childcare subsidies will be increased in stages in February and August.

(Photo provided by Social Bureau)