The Central City Council established two sub-groups without party membership, with Chen Tingxiu and Chen Qinglong as the conveners respectively.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] Many newcomers were elected to the 4th Taichung City Council, so the members of the regiments will change many times. In addition to the new cadres of the Nationalist Party and the People’s Party League, which have been confirmed before the lunar calendar, non-party members and other political parties also A sub-group will be formed, and a total of 2 sub-groups will be formed. The non-party members Chen Tingxiu and Chen Qinglong will serve as the conveners respectively, and the People's Party city councilor Jiang Heshu will join the sub-group formed by Chen Tingxiu, but the city councilor Wu Peiyun of the power of the times will combine them according to the issues .

The Taichung City Council has a total of 65 city councilors, 32 seats for the KMT, 24 seats for the Democratic Progressive Party, 1 seat for the People's Party, 1 seat for Times Power and 7 seats without party membership.

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The parliament needs 5 people from the same political party to form a party group. Therefore, except for the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party, other political parties and non-party members can only form sub-groups. There are currently 7 people without party membership, namely Chen Tingxiu, Chen Qinglong, Zhu Yuanhong, Xu Xuanfeng, and Lin Mengling 5 In addition to the two re-elected city councilors, there are Lin Haoyou and Gu Xiuying from Xinke.

Lin Mengling joined the Kuomintang group to operate, and the non-party city councilor Chen Tingxiu will form a subgroup with Xu Xuanfeng, Lin Haoyou and the People's Party city councilor Jiang Heshu, with Chen Tingxiu as the convener. Chen Tingxiu said that the name of the subgroup has not yet been decided.

The other sub-group, with Chen Qinglong as the convener, will form a sub-group with Zhu Yuanhong, Gu Xiuying, and KMT city councilor Wu Chengxian. Chen Qinglong said that the name is the Cross-Party Political Alliance.

As for the cadres of the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party League, they have already been formed. The chief summoner of the Democratic Progressive Party is He Wenhai, the deputy chief is Xiao Longze, the secretary-general is Cai Yaojie, and the secretary-general is Zhang Fenyu.

The secretary-general of the Kuomintang is Huang Xinhui, the executive director is Chen Wenzheng, and the four deputy secretaries-general are Liu Shizhou, Luo Yongzhen, Lai Yizhen, and Li Wenjie. The handover is expected to take place on the 15th.