A 29-year-old man from Yambol with mental retardation has been missing for 12 days now, and his family and police are searching for him.

"I last saw him at the store and told him to go home.

He was on a bike.

I'm asking anyone who sees him to hold him and call him.

He is not aggressive," explained Nina Valkova, sister of the missing Tsvetelin.

They found the missing young man from Mezdra

She added that the man was very trusting and would go with anyone who told him.

Due to an illness, Tsvetelin Stoyanov is taking medication, but he has been without therapy for the second week.

"We are very worried.

12 days where is this child?

Hungry, thirsty, we don't know where he is. Did someone shut him down," added Nina Valkova.

Tsvetelin Stoyanov has been declared a national wanted man.