A short video has attracted attention on Twitter. At first glance, the video shows a "two-headed anteater" eating.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] What kind of monster is this?

A short video caught the attention of Twitter. At first glance, the video showed a "two-headed anteater" eating. The weird picture left netizens stunned. After watching it several times, they realized that the strange head was actually an anteater. The arm of the beast.

In the picture, a giant anteater is looking for food on a piece of wood, and it has "a strange-looking head" on its body, which seems to be fighting with it, such a picture of "two-headed anteater foraging" At first glance, it was quite weird. Netizens stared at the video, unable to understand what they saw in front of them for a while, and said, "What is this? What happened? I can't understand."

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Upon closer inspection, it turns out that this strange head is actually the left forearm of a giant anteater, covered with white hair and black patches, which is different from the dark brown fur of the giant anteater's trunk, which makes people feel "two-headed anteater" Beast" illusion.

According to the official website of Taipei Zoo, giant anteaters are mainly distributed in Central and South America, inhabiting tropical rainforests, with a body length of 182 to 217 cm and a weight of 29 to 65 kg. The staple food is ants, termites, small insects and fruits. They eat with their tongues and can eat about 30,000 ants a day. The tongues of adult anteaters can be more than 60 centimeters long.

In particular, the giant anteater has a body temperature of only 27 to 33 degrees Celsius. It is the mammal with the lowest body temperature. Its metabolism is slow, and its staple food is termites and ants. It is not easy to absorb nutrients. Giant anteaters will reduce their activities and rest more to reduce energy consumption. .

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— Subhash Kak ☀️ (@subhash_kak) January 29, 2023