31-year-old Yana has her own war with oncology and is asking for help from caring people.

"In such difficult times for our country, when every person is fighting a war, my colleague, secretary of the court session of the Lubotyn city court of the Kharkiv region, Yana Medvedeva, born on September 28, 1991, a resident of a small town near Kharkiv, is forced to fight for her life" , - writes a friend of the young woman, Kateryna. 

Almost immediately after the new year, Yana was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, but the doctors assure her that proper treatment will save her life, but time cannot be wasted, and quite a lot of money is still needed to pay for chemotherapy. 

"At the moment, Yana has started a course of chemotherapy, and later she will have an operation.

The girl's treatment requires exorbitant funds, because the cost of one chemotherapy can reach tens of thousands of hryvnias, and in general they are needed - 8 before the operation and another 10 after the operation.

And the time interval between treatment courses is 21 days", - adds the friend. 

Friends, please help this girl. Yana is a hardworking, kind, loving mother and wife, and she is also very, very young!

The required amount is UAH 50,000 (the second stage of chemical therapy).

Posted by Natali Viktorovna Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Unfortunately, Yana's family cannot raise such huge funds on their own in such a short period of time.

"I am sure that with your help she will be able to raise the necessary amount in the near future.

As they say: "From the world by a thread...".

You can't stop, because this is a step towards losing the most valuable - life!

Yana is young, energetic, kind and sensitive, forced to fight for her life for herself and her little daughter.

I believe that together, we will be able to give this young woman hope for a fulfilling life, to be a wife, mother and a wonderful colleague", - Katya appeals to everyone who cares. 

You can help Yana's family using the details:


4149 4993 9831 0639

Yana Andriivna Medvedeva