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After the absurdity with the people in Prolesha - what will happen to the victims who have accumulated hundreds of thousands of BGN fines due to missing vignettes.

Yesterday, the MPs in the line committee accepted in the second reading - in the absence of a vignette, only up to three fines per year can be imposed.

The changes will apply retroactively from January 1, 2019.

Residents of villages protest, pay vignettes for potholed road

It is expected that in the last days of the National Assembly, the texts will be adopted in the plenary hall.

According to the locals, what the deputies decided is a "disservice" and does not suit them.

"If they had fined us three times in 2020, it is 210 BGN, we would not have reached the current situation. Instead of solving the problem, they deepen it. One law beats the other, if there is no legal potential, they should not do it. 70 BGN is the fine for lack of a vignette, if it is not paid for 14 days, then the sanction is increased to BGN 300", says Gergina Petrova. 

Vera Alexandrova says that she has 17 fines in 3 years, and this is BGN 1,200 that she owes.

"Now I will have to pay BGN 2,700. Is this the help? Not to mention that we are not at fault at all, because we have been misled and deceived by state authorities. The three fines should not be accepted. It is not enough that I have no violation, but we must also to pay three times more. It is unreasonable to charge 300 leva each and there is no logic," she is categorical. 

They are adamant that they will appeal to a judge.

People's dissatisfaction can lead them to roadblocks, the residents warn.