Many people probably know and have heard about the omens associated with the threshold of the house.

But few people know where this belief came from and why you can't transfer things across the threshold.

The reason turns out to be the dead under the threshold, who could not be offended.

In ancient times, probably even before Christianity, there was a tradition of burying the ashes of one's ancestors under the threshold.

That's right, under the threshold of your house.

It was believed that in this case the spirit of the deceased will help his relatives and friends who live in this house in any difficult life circumstances.

Thanks to the dead, the threshold was considered a sacred border between the afterlife and our world.

Therefore, he was treated accordingly.

Since it was feared to disturb the souls of the ancestors, it was forbidden to:

  • Sitting on the doorstep, unpleasant rumors about your family, and directly about you, could play an evil joke.

  • Standing on the threshold.

    The saying "don't stand on the threshold" is probably known to everyone.

    The reasons are the open door when you stand on the threshold, because when it is open, the protection of the house disappears.

    And negative energy is drawn to such a house like a magnet. 

  • It is not possible to greet and carry on a conversation across the threshold with the interlocutor.

    This leads to quarrels and conflict situations.

    This sign has entered the culture so much that it has simply become a sign of an educated person who will definitely take a step over the threshold if you need to shake hands.

  • Give and take things.

    If the owner gave or took things in this way, he gave away his health, and instead took someone else's illness.

    This sign works almost on a subconscious level - before giving or taking something, especially money, they always take a step over the threshold.

  • The bride is not allowed to enter the house, so the groom carried her in his arms. 

  • Leaving the house with the left foot will lead to trouble.

    Therefore, you should try to step over the cut from the right leg. 

With the advent of Christianity, traditions changed — they stopped burning the dead and burying them under the threshold of the house.

But the traditions with the threshold firmly took root and took root.

After some time, the people found other explanations why things could not be passed over the threshold, although their pagan meaning remained unchanged.

Prohibitions to transfer things over the threshold began to be explained by the fact.

that a housekeeper lives in the house and will take those things that are passed over the threshold, because he considers them his own.

Hence the tradition of placing saucers with something delicious at the doorstep.

So that evil spirits do not steal the health or soul of a person living in the house, an amulet or some important thing is placed under the threshold

Of course, folk signs and beliefs are not science, they are not always 100% true.

Such Information should not be taken too seriously, but only as a probability of events that every person can become the creator of, if he has the strength of spirit and inspiration to change his life for the better.

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