Executive Premier Chen Jianren (second from left) took office on the morning of the 31st. In the afternoon, he and Vice President Zheng Wencan (first from left) and others called on Legislative Yuan You Xikun (second from right) and took off their masks before taking a group photo.

As for the indoor mask order implemented in China in response to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, it is also rumored that it is expected to be loosened in the near future.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

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Indoor masks loosened?

Wang Bisheng: The expected direction is similar to that of South Korea

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The outside world is concerned about the loosening of the indoor mask order. Wang Bisheng, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, said at a press conference this afternoon (31) that the mask order affects many ministries. A meeting was held to discuss. Zhuang Renxiang, spokesman of the command center, said after the meeting that the meeting lasted about an hour, and the various ministries would bring it back to discuss the details. It is expected to explain this Thursday.

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The Executive Yuan held a meeting this afternoon to discuss the regulations on indoor masks. Wang Bisheng pointed out that because it affects many ministries, including the campus of the Ministry of Education, the migrant workers of the Ministry of Labor, and the public transportation of the Ministry of Communications, it needs to be fully discussed.

However, the direction of untying will basically be similar to that of South Korea. There will be places where it is mandatory to wear it, and other places are in principle independent, but there are still other places or occasions where it is recommended to wear it.

South Korea canceled the indoor mask order yesterday. In addition to taking public transportation and entering and exiting medical institutions, it is still necessary to wear masks. Schools at all levels, nursing homes, shopping malls, gyms and other indoor places are no longer required to wear masks.

Zhuang Renxiang said after the meeting of the Executive Yuan that the process took about an hour, and the ministries and committees would bring it back to discuss the details, and it is expected to explain this Thursday.

According to foreign media reports, South Korea has lifted the requirement to wear masks indoors since yesterday, and the Japanese government is also expected to loosen the restrictions on wearing masks indoors on May 8, and reduce the classification of COVID-19 to the same level as influenza. US President Joe Biden It is also planned to end the public health and national emergency of COVID-19 on May 11.

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