Winter came seriously late.

Although for two months we had the opportunity to save more on heating, currently everyone uses heating, pellets, air conditioners and others.

What is the most cost-effective and efficient option for heating?

Bogomil Nikolov from the Association for Active Consumers told BNT that central heating is one of the safest heating methods, because the prices are regulated, but on the other hand, it is also one of the most insecure, especially in old blocks.

It is better with newer buildings because they have vertical risers.


Usually the tension is in the balancing accounts, which is indicative that the correct measurement solution has not been found

," said Nikolov.

The air conditioner is a very profitable way of heating, the expert reminded.

It produces three to four times more electricity than other appliances.

The air conditioner will remain a modern means of heating regardless of electricity prices


Its only drawback is at temperatures of minus 10 - minus 15 degrees, but there are not many of those in our latitudes.

The important thing is that the room is adapted to the type of air conditioner we have chosen.

It is profitable to heat with a pellet installation, although the investment is very large there.

If there is a problem with pellets, this system can be replaced with a heat pump, this is even a cheaper way of heating than with air conditioners.

But the most important thing is that the room is sanitized, has internal insulation and the joinery is of good quality.




Bogomil Nikolov


Association for active users