"Heart cancer" is a serious disease that is difficult to treat.

and a low survival rate.

It can happen to anyone regardless of gender and age.

but only found in 1% of people worldwide

What is heart cancer?

"Heart cancer" is caused by cancer that arises from the cells of the heart itself.

Or caused by cancer that has spread from other organs such as the lungs, breasts, intestines, which will spread to the outer heart wall and the endocardium.

Cancers that originate in the heart itself tend to be in the middle wall.

It is a cancer arising from the vascular wall cells.

Or arising from the heart muscle called angiosarcoma and rhabdomyo sarcoma.

However, heart cancer can happen to anyone of any gender and age, but there is very little chance of finding it.

Worldwide, only 1% of heart cancer cases are found, but at the same time it is found that the survival rate is also low.

It was found that the survival rate of 10 heart cancer patients can survive only 3 people.

heart cancer symptoms

for symptoms of heart cancer

It usually shows the following symptoms.

  • easily tired

  • gasp

  • have a chronic cough

  • have a low fever

  • menstruation does not come normally

  • swollen face

  • swollen neck

  • bulging neck veins

  • enlarged liver

  • ascites due to ascites

  • Swollen legs press dents on both sides.

If you have the aforementioned symptoms but are not sure if you have this disease or not

You should see your doctor for a diagnosis.

The best way to diagnose heart cancer is a heart echocardiogram or echocardiogram.

because the position of the tumor can be seen clearly

If the lump has spread to the heart valve, surgery may be required to take the tissue to be examined for malignancy. 

Can heart cancer be cured?

From what was mentioned in the beginning that

"Heart cancer" is a rare disease.

There is a chance that patients with this disease are only 1% in the world.

But what is worrying is that people with heart cancer have a very low chance of survival as well.

Because this group of cancers respond to radiation.

and chemotherapy are relatively low

In cases where surgery is possible, it is a good option.

Normally, the upper and lower right heart walls may be removed.

But if it spreads to the coronary arteries

It may be necessary to connect the coronary artery bypass, so it will be safe for the patient's life, preventing acute myocardial infarction.

The principle of surgery must be to remove all cancer.

Otherwise, the cancer will spread again in a very short time.

While radiation and chemotherapy rarely inhibit the recurrence of incurable cancer.

Therefore, there is only one chance to be cured, which is to cut out the cancer completely.

In some patients whose cancer is in the wall of the right or upper left chamber of the heart.

May have spread to the heart valves or coronary arteries may be cut off with heart valve replacement.

Coronary artery bypass surgery and replacement of the atrial outer wall with the patient's own endocardium

Or taken from animals, such as bovine heart endocardium, which is produced by a company for medical distribution

In summary, "heart cancer" can be quite difficult to cure.

If it is in an area that can be operated on, the treatment will be more effective than radiation.

or do chemotherapy because there is a chance of recurrence

Therefore, it depends on the doctor's diagnosis whether surgery can be performed or not.

Reference: Bumrungrad Hospital