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Snow, cold, blizzards and hailstorms hit parts of Turkey, and the Bosphorus, which connects the Marmara and Black Seas, was closed to traffic early today due to fog, Turkish media reported.

The company that provides ferry services between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul said there may be cancellations and delays to ferry services on the Bosphorus due to fog, Daily Sabah reported.

Last night, hail and snow hit the tourist district of Antalya in southern Turkey and briefly paralyzed the lives of local people, the Meinet information portal reports, quoted by TASS.

Bad weather has surprised people in the towns of Manavgat and Serik.

Drivers have had to take shelter in underground parking lots or under gas station canopies to shelter from golf ball-sized hail.

Along with the hail, heavy snowfall also fell in the cities, which caused traffic jams.

A ship from Ukraine ran aground and stopped traffic on the Bosphorus.

Last week, a number of cities in the Antalya region were affected by heavy rains, which in some areas caused mudslides coming down from the mountains, writes BTA.

The much-anticipated snowfall in eastern Van County closed 48 rural roads but created amusement for many in the county town center, Daily Sabah reports.

Some traders made snowmen in front of their workplace together with their staff, and children who are on mid-term vacation played with snowballs.

In other areas, such as Erzurum, Ugder, Agra, Kars and Ardahan, snow, blizzards and cold have adversely affected people's daily lives, reports "Daily Sabah".

In Erzurum, ice appeared on the sidewalks and roads, and the temperature dropped to minus 9 degrees Celsius.

Snowfall and fog hampered traffic on the high mountain roads in Kars County, the newspaper also reported.