The State Production and Consumer Service of Kyiv revealed new details about the poisoning of cafe visitors in the capital's Podil district.

We will remind, after eating salad in a cafe on Yaroslavska Street, four visitors were admitted to the hospital.

"The results of the laboratory examination have already arrived. The reason for the poisoning of people is raw eggs that were used for cooking. I can clarify that six cafe visitors were injured because of this, four are in the hospital. It has been established that it is salmonella. Now the laboratory tests of the eggs are ongoing, it has already been determined their supplier. If violations are found, he will be held administratively liable. For now, this issue is under investigation," Oleg Ruban, head of the main department of the State Production and Consumer Service of Kyiv, told

Ruban added that the cafe continues to operate, but without the food items that were discovered during the outbreak.

"If it is established that the cafe did not comply with the regime and they did not implement a self-control system, the activity of the cafe will be stopped. Currently, this issue is under consideration," said the head of the main department of the State Production and Consumer Service of Kyiv.

We will remind you that the retail chains of Kyiv will search for dangerous cookies that were manufactured in Romania and brought to Ukraine.

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