The teacher-student ratio in public kindergartens in Changhua County is 1:15. The Department of Education is happy to lower the teacher-student ratio, which is good for both teachers and children, but the premise is that the central government will subsidize personnel costs so that the policy will come to fruition. The picture shows Huxi Guoxiaofei The classroom situation of for-profit kindergartens and 2-year-old kindergarten classes.

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[Reporter Zhang Congqiu/Changhua Report] Reducing the teacher-student ratio in kindergartens to 1:12 is a key policy of the Ministry of Education to promote refined campuses. The teacher-student ratio in public kindergartens in Changhua County is currently 1:15, and the teacher-student ratio in private kindergartens has been reduced to 1: 8. The reduction target has been reached a long time ago. Many parents are happy to see the reduction of public kindergartens. However, the county education office hopes that the central government will at least have supporting measures to subsidize teachers' personnel expenses; public kindergarten teachers are worried and increase the teacher allocation Become an agent or a substitute teacher in disguise.

There are 48 kindergartens attached to primary schools in Changhua County. In accordance with the regulations of the Education Department and regulations on early childhood education and care, each school enrolls large, medium and small classes (over 3 years old to the first preschool age) with a teacher-student ratio of 1:15. It is a non-profit kindergarten. In contrast, Zhongshan Elementary School in Changhua City, for example, enrolls 2 mixed-age classes, with a maximum of 30 students in each class. Each class is equipped with a qualified kindergarten teacher and an education and security officer, a total of 2 teachers.

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For private kindergartens, due to the declining birth rate and the increase in the number of public kindergartens, in order to improve the competitiveness of enrollment, the teacher-student ratio has already reached 1:12. Last year, in the Year of the Tiger, fewer newborns were born, and the enrollment became more competitive. The ratio is reduced to 1:8.

Parents surnamed Huang in Changhua City, whose daughter will be in primary one next year, choose a bilingual kindergarten with foreign teachers. She said that the private school adopts age-based teaching, with 24 students in a class and 2 teachers. The registration fee per semester is about 30,000 yuan plus a monthly fee of 1 10,000 yuan, and the education fee is close to 200,000 yuan a year. Bilingual kindergartens focus on foreign language courses, and children should not be at the starting point, so they choose private schools instead of public ones.

Public kindergartens that meet the requirements for schooling are almost free of tuition and miscellaneous fees. They only need to pay insurance premiums and post-school delay fees. Public kindergartens have 100% enrollment. If the teacher-student ratio is further reduced, enrollment will be more sought-after.

The Early Childhood Education Department of the Education Department pointed out that children aged 3 to 5 need to spend more time taking care of them. Lowering the teacher-student ratio in kindergartens is good for both children and teachers. The Education Department is optimistic about the success, but the personnel cost must be overcome first. The salary is implemented by the county government's budget, and the financial resources are in place. It will be a matter of course to reduce the teacher-student ratio. I hope the central government will subsidize it.

A public kindergarten teacher, who did not want to be named, said that due to the declining birth rate, qualified kindergarten teachers have not been selected after retirement, and replaced by substitute or substitute teachers. The situation will become a trend, and the policy should avoid reducing the number of qualified teachers and ensure the quality of teaching.

The teacher-student ratio in private kindergartens in Changhua County has already fallen below 1:12, which the Ministry of Education intends to promote, and many bilingual kindergartens are as low as 1:10. Teachers can pay more attention to each child's learning situation.

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Preschool children learn things in kindergartens and are connected with the curriculum of elementary schools. Parents hope that their children will become dragons and daughters will become phoenixes, and it is very popular to send their children to private kindergartens with small classes and exquisite teaching.

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