Israel's Mossad special services struck a defense complex in


using a drone.

The attack took place against the background of the search for new ways to curb Tehran's nuclear and military ambitions, which the US and Israel are actively engaged in.      

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal writes about this with reference to US officials and people familiar with the operation.

It is noted that "Mossad" intended to attack the facility of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan in the central part of Iran.

The satellite photos show that the roof of the object was slightly damaged, but the people called the mission a success, without specifying the details.

The evidence contradicts claims by Iranian officials that the country's air defense system repelled an attempted attack on the ammunition depot, which caused minimal damage.

Strike on military facilities of Iran

On the night of January 29, a series of powerful explosions occurred

at military infrastructure facilities in Iran


Several large military facilities were attacked by kamikaze drones.

According to unofficial data, explosions rang out, in particular, at the Shahed drone production plant and an oil refinery.

According to the Jerusalem Post,

the extent of the damage is much greater than Iran claimed


They emphasized that the government of this country often hides real losses and recognizes them only when satellite images are made publicly available. 

So far, no country or terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the blasts. 

Analysts and observers of the influential media assume

that Israel is behind the explosions

, which seeks to prevent the militarization of Iran and the implementation of the Iranian nuclear program.

Israeli officials do not comment on this information.

During a joint press conference with the US Secretary of State in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured that his country, together with the United States of America, will do everything

to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and the means of their delivery.

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