The Sea Turtle Research Laboratory no longer accepts the rescue plan for sea turtles.

(Provided by Cai Fuyan)

[Reporter Lu Xianxiu/Report from Keelung] National Taiwan Ocean University Marine Ecology and Conservation Laboratory (Sea Turtle Research Laboratory) has been carrying out the "Sea Turtle Rescue Project" for a long time. Yesterday (30th) afternoon, it suddenly announced on Facebook that it will no longer In connection with the Sea Turtle Rescue Program, if the public reports a sea turtle rescue case, the research office will assist in referral to other units.

Lin Zhengping, Secretary to the Director of Haida University, said that the sea turtle research laboratory has long been supported by the Marine Conservation Administration. This work is a public welfare work for conservation. It has no benefits for teachers and students. It is all a contribution, but it was questioned last year. The noise caused a psychological blow to the staff in the laboratory, and the school will discuss their needs after understanding them.

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Cheng Yijun, head of the Sea Turtle Research Office, pointed out that there are three main reasons for no longer accepting the sea turtle rescue project this year. The first point is the continuity of project funds. If it is changed to a bid proposal, all of the more than 1 million yuan from January to April will be borne by the research laboratory. How can he survive as a retired professor?

Sea Turtle Rescue costs 1.8 million a year, which seems to be quite a lot. After deducting the most basic field, water and electricity, and the cost of renting an ambulance every month, the remaining funds are only for hiring a full-time assistant throughout the year , to assist in dealing with related contacts, and most of the rest of the manpower relies on school students to assist in rescue.

Cheng Yijun pointed out that the Sea Turtle Research Laboratory is an educational unit and cannot obtain financial support for profit-making activities. It can only obtain some charity funds through the support of the people. Last year, it was supported by some local governments. With their love for sea turtles and their The emphasis on life, but a dollar crushes a hero.

However, it is taken for granted that the staff donate without compensation, and it is even regarded as unprofessional behavior. Last year, one leather turtle was obviously beyond the reach of life. All the volunteers did not go home for the Spring Festival. They walked with the leather turtle in a quiet environment. After finishing his life, he was suspected of killing the leather turtle, which gave the public a bad impression, and many new regulations were set. It is completely a layman leading an insider.

Cheng Yijun pointed out that he will no longer accept the sea turtle rescue project, and will concentrate on sea turtle research, continue professional investigations, and leave professional academic materials to study and maintain sea turtle conservation actions.

The Keelung City Government cooperated with fishing boats to rescue sea turtles.

(Provided by Cai Fuyan)