The recovery and resilience plan needs to be renegotiated.

I believe that with the efforts of the official cabinet and the experts involved in the task, we will be able to negotiate it in such a way that Bulgaria shows enough ambition for its path to decarbonization before the EC.

This was stated by the Minister of Environment and Water, Rositsa Karamfilova

Dr. Eng. Rositsa Karamfilova is an expert with many years of experience in the field of environmental management in "The Day Begins" on BNT.

The measures should be proposed by the Ministry of Energy, as it is about reforms in this area, she pointed out.

There should be no abrupt closure of operating capacities, and their respective alternatives should be offered gradually.

"Of the competence of the MoEW, the most important thing is rather renegotiation of the so-called intermediate goals. The key challenge is that with the implementing decision, in fact, our state has made a commitment to step-by-step reduction year by year of the emitted amounts of greenhouse gases".

Bulgaria has accepted a condition to reduce harmful emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 2007, when it became part of the European Union.

Ecominister on emissions: We have made a bigger commitment than we should have

"The European Green Deal has given us the path we need to follow. Undoubtedly, Bulgaria is among the most energy-intensive and loaded sectors with coal power. It is clear that we need to follow this path, but at the moment, with the current and the force majeure circumstances, I do not consider that we are prepared with an alternative, but we must guarantee energy and national security.

Finding an alternative to decarbonisation is through clear and gradual measures, responsibilities, clarity about how much it will all cost us.

This includes environment, health care, national security, finance.

It is likely that there will be a delay in the payments under the Recovery Plan because of these deviations

, but the good news is that the first tranche has arrived, commented Rositsa Karamfilova

Dr. Eng. Rositsa Karamfilova is an expert with many years of experience in the field of environmental management.

"In any case, the rest of the reforms are being worked on, the rest of the investments are underway. If someone thinks it will be easy, no, it will be extremely difficult, but we have no way back. We must continue to reach the final goal."

Bulgaria has 16 criminal procedures in the field of the environment, four of them have already been closed.

We still do not pay for violations, the minister pointed out.

The most serious violations are related to the quality of the ambient air.

Rositsa Karamfilova

Recovery and Resilience Plan