The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia announced that 40 people renounced their citizenship in 2022.

APA's Moscow correspondent reports with reference to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs that renunciation of Russian citizenship is carried out on the basis of a voluntary declaration.

Russian citizens living in this country can apply to the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in their place of residence, and those living outside it can apply to the diplomatic mission or consulate of the Russian Federation to get rid of Russian citizenship.

"Generally submitted applications are reviewed within one year, and in a simplified manner, they are reviewed no more than three months from the date of formalization of the said application and all necessary documents.

At the same time, there are grounds for rejecting an application for renunciation of Russian citizenship.

In particular, these include an unfulfilled obligation to Russia established by federal law, the applicant's involvement as a defendant in a criminal case, or a court judgment against the applicant that has entered into legal force and must be executed.

Also, grounds for rejection of an application for renunciation of Russian citizenship may be if the applicant is not a citizen of another state or there is no guarantee of obtaining it," the information emphasized.

In addition, the MIA announced that more than 141,000 foreigners were banned from entering the Russian Federation last year.

It was reported that this indicator is about 35 thousand less than the same period of 2021.