On Tuesday, January 31, Brovary mayor Ihor Sapozhko received

a summons

to the military committee during a meeting of the executive committee of the city council.

In addition, nine men who were present in the hall also received summonses. 

Local mass media write about it. 

Men who are conscripted must verify their credentials and pass a medical examination.

The subpoenas were handed over by the deputy head of the Brovarsky District Territorial Center for Staffing and Social Support, Mykhailo Hryhoryants.

"Our employees passed the medical examination, we were again invited to verify the records of military service, so I will indeed go to the military commissariat in order to verify certain records, pass the relevant commissions again, if necessary," commented Ihor Sapozhko.

It is reported that another 98 men from Brovarsk OTG will also receive summonses.

Among those present at the meeting of the executive committee of the city council were the heads of the villages of Knyazhychi and Trebukhiv, Artem Moroz and Andriy Tsakhlo, who also received summonses.

"We will go to the military medical commission to clarify the data. We call on everyone who received summonses to follow our example," the men say.

We will remind you that "new" summonses are issued in Ukraine,

the lawyer clarified whether it is possible to refuse the "old" one.

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