A man surnamed Huang pretended to be an "instructor" to train girls in sexual behavior, tricked her into performing oral sex for Huang, and caused her to find fault many times. The High Court sentenced him to 3 years and 4 months in prison.


(Photo by reporter Yang Guowen)

[Reporter Yang Guowen/Taipei Report] One man surnamed Huang plays two roles. First, as a woman, he meets a 15-year-old girl through Facebook, and then introduces an "instructor" to train and engage in sexual behavior for 2 months. He can get 3 million yuan in remuneration Under the guise, he appeared as an "instructor" again, tricked the girl into giving him oral sex and took pictures of the process with his mobile phone. After learning that the girl was cheated, she searched for the victim many times and was rescued; "Sentenced to 3 years and 4 months, subject to appeal.

The verdict pointed out that in April 2019, Huang male pretended to be a woman and met the murdered 15-year-old girl on Facebook. During the chat, he learned that the girl wanted to work because of lack of money, and he had a bad heart, so he pretended to the girl that he wanted to introduce "an instructor" "Train to engage in sexual behavior for 2 months, and then you can get a reward of 3 million yuan.

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Seeing that the murdered girl was taken in by the victim, Huang Nan pretended to be an "instructor" to contact the girl. In May 2019, he met the girl and asked to have sex with her. The girl was tricked into performing oral sex for him. screen.

Afterwards, the girl realized that she had been cheated, and was rescued by searching for the victim many times. Her family members went to the New Taipei City Police Station to file a complaint, and the prosecution charged Mr. Huang.

The New Taipei District Court held that the male Huang lured the girl to be filmed as an electronic signal of sexual intercourse with high remuneration, infringed on the girl's right to self-determination of sex and body, and injured the girl physically and mentally. Sentenced to 3 years and April.

Prosecutors refused to accept the verdict and appealed that the man Huang lied about offering high remuneration, tricked the girl into cooperating in sexual intercourse and recorded oral sex, which has hindered the girl's willingness to make independent decisions about sex. The crime of electronic signals of juveniles being photographed for sexual intercourse” also constitutes the crime of compulsory sexual intercourse in the criminal law, and the usage of the confession in the first-instance judgment was wrong.

In addition, the male Huang caused the girl physical and mental trauma, and repeatedly sought faults, and did not apologize, reconcile, or compensate the girl and her family, lacking remorse, and the judgment of the first instance was obviously too light.

However, the High Court found that the girl was deceived into believing that Huang Nan claimed that she had high remuneration, and she had oral sex with Huang male. During the process, she did not intimidate or violate his will, so it did not constitute the crime of forced sexual intercourse. The first trial has considered the girl The circumstances of the victimization even committed suicide, and Huang Nan did not reconcile with the girl and her family, so he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months.