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   on January 31   

"The arguments of the MPs are untenable, if there was a will, the justice reform could have happened.

The paper ballot took off overnight.

There's just no desire." 

Atanas Pekanov announced that he was desperate and angry at the lack of will to investigate the chief prosecutor


"The Attorney-General's Investigation Mechanism Bill was not passed because there was no real desire in Parliament to pass this part of the legislative agenda.

As for judicial reform, the desire was only on paper."

Nikola Minchev: With the PP-DB coalition, we want to set the tone in Bulgarian politics


The end of the war in Ukraine is far away, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen predicted today, speaking before the European Parliament's foreign affairs and defense committees. 

Rasmussen called for the provision of more and heavier weapons for the Ukrainian troops, BTA reported.

"Instead of waiting for an offensive in the spring, it is better to be ready for massive strikes immediately ahead," Rasmussen insisted. 

"The best way to end the war quickly is for Ukraine's allies to prepare for a long conflict."

This is the best way to achieve peace.

If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will move on," he pointed out.

Former NATO Secretary General: Ukraine should get more and heavier weapons


The 25-year-old police officer Simona Luleova, who was caught with 478 grams of marijuana in the car, asked to be released.

Before the District Court in Razlog, which is hearing a case on the remand, she explained that she wanted to be released on bail in order to take care of her 5-year-old daughter, as well as study for a state exam in the specialty "Law".

The policewoman caught with marijuana wants to be released to study for an exam


"Naturally, I will not sign the referendum for a presidential republic.

This is an attempt by "There is such a people" (ITN) to return to the public space, but there are no more naive people to be deceived by the ideas of Slavi Trifonov.

These are the last attempts of the ITN economic project to pump and draw from foreign authority, in this case from that of President Radev".

Radostin Vassilev on the referendum for a presidential republic: There are no more naive people who will be misled by ITN


Exchange of accusations in the line of "road repairs"...

Minister Shishkov: Road repairs are mainly commissioned by GERB

GERB doubted the regional minister, they want inspections by private laboratories of road repairs


They revealed details about the 17-year-old girl who died at school


Gruesome details about the woman slaughtered by her brother-in-law in Vratsa


In the words of Kyiv's number one military intelligence officer: There are people in Russia who are very easy to work with.

They plant and activate explosive devices and we stand ready to support these men and women.

"In this way, Budanov hinted that agents of the service headed by him are operating in Russia.

However, he did not say whether Kyiv agents had anything to do with a number of incidents at military sites on Russian territory."

Kyiv's #1 Military Intelligence: Russia will be in big trouble