Georgi Sapundjiev, who 9 years ago ran over with his jeep and killed 4-year-old Paolo on the pedestrian zone in Stara Zagora, will receive judicial rehabilitation.

Sapundjiev was sentenced to 6 years in prison, but after 4 years he was released for good behavior.

"I really hope that what is happening now will lead to something positive.

I really hope this guy has humbled himself and gotten better.

"Rehabilitation means that he will obey the law and be responsible for everyone's life," Krasimira Ivanova, Paolo's mother, commented on "This Morning".

They canceled the early release of the killer of little Paolo

Sapunzhdzhiev has asked to clear his criminal record because of his business and travels abroad.

“He made no attempt to look for me.

He better not.

I'm not ready to meet this guy.

I have no desire.

I don't think a date like that would make sense for me and my family," she added.

"At every step in the court case, the criminals were given the opportunity to escape punishment.

This rehabilitation means that if something else happens, he will be tried with a clean record," commented Krasimira Ivanova.

“Appreciate life.

There is nothing to compensate for a lost human life - neither punishments nor prison.

The loss affects everyone close to him and possibly generations after him.

There is no rehabilitation for the conscience," she added.