After two or three months of surveillance and evidence collection by the police, when they opened the door, they only saw two tables of mahjong.

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[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] A vegetable restaurant in Tainan, which specializes in bread and pizza, not only provides different choices for vegetarians, but also has a very elegant interior decoration, but many people do not know that there is a casino hidden on the second floor of the store. Rumors Some criminals gambled at Tianjiupai inside. The police searched for evidence. They thought about it for more than a month and went to the store to buy vegetarian pizza. Finally, they got a search ticket. Even though the police took a long time to search for evidence, they only saw 2 tables of mahjong when they opened the door. The gambling cost was only more than 10,000 yuan, and morale was greatly reduced. The police officer lamented that sometimes handling a case is like opening a lucky bag.

In practice, the police crackdown on crime often encounters situations where surveillance has been carried out for a long time, but with little success. The casino seized by the police this time is a good example. This casino has been moving around in the Central and Western Districts and the Southern District. It attracted the attention of the police. Until more than a month ago, the casino moved to the upper floor of the vegetable store. At first, the police also suspected that the casino was related to the vegetable store. In order to collect evidence, the police also ate vegetarian meals for a month.

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However, after investigation, although this casino is located on the second floor of the vegetable shop, it has an independent entrance and exit, and there is also access control. The police observed that the staff who entered and exited the casino were not like vegetarian consumers. It has nothing to do with the vegetable shop operator, so the case involving the vegetable shop was ruled out. In the end, the police prepared evidence and the court approved the search ticket. However, during the Chinese New Year, the person in charge of the casino seemed to know that the police were watching closely during the Chinese New Year, and they dared not open for several days. .

Seeing that the search date limited by the search ticket passed day by day, although the police were very nervous, they could only hold back and monitor around the casino until the good news came around 3:00 pm on the 30th. Gamblers began to come in and out, and the police took advantage of the staff to go out. Searching with a ticket when buying a drink surprised the gamblers and raised their hands in surrender.

However, as soon as a large number of police officers saw that there were only two tables of mahjong in the casino that had been monitored for two or three months, it was far from the rumored "martial arts field" for gambling on nine cards. However, gambling is a fact. After the police seized more than 10,000 yuan of gambling money, The person in charge and the landlord were transferred for the crime of gambling, and the eight gamblers were punished with the Social Order Maintenance Act.