The speed measurement of the Checheng Jianshan section of the Ping'e Highway on the Taiwan Line 26 is expected to resume on February 13.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxian)

[Reporter Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report] Pingtung County, after the installation of "technical law enforcement-automatic detection of section average speed" equipment on the Jiadong combat readiness runway of Taiwan Line 1 and Checheng Jianshan Section of Taiwan Line 26 in Pingtung County, the planning of the Jianshan section with few vehicles has suffered. Criticism, the speed measurement was originally scheduled to resume today (February 1). In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the equipment, after passing the inspection by the Bureau of Standards and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the resumption of operation was postponed to February 13. Pingtung, which has been temporarily suspended for a long time County Councilor Lu Wenxin said that other reasons will be found to make it "shut down".

The speed measurement in the Jianshan section of Taiwan Highway 26 began to be enforced in March last year. According to statistics, 21,423 fines were issued in just 4 months, each fined more than 1,600 yuan, and the revenue was at least 35 million yuan. For money, setting up interval speed measurement in places with less traffic will prolong the round-trip time of traffic and increase residents' troubles.

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During the "Planting Trees 2.0" project, there were traffic jams every holiday, and the speed measurement in the section at super slow speeds made the public even more angry. The traffic team of the Pingtung County Police Department was originally from July 26 to September 30 last year The suspension of law enforcement on the 1st was extended to January 31 this year due to the continued impact of road works. At present, after ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the equipment and fully explaining the place, it is expected to start operation on February 13.

Today, the county government will also have the Pingtung County Police Department detail the number of cases of speed measurement bans in Pingtung County, as well as the analysis and case sharing of traffic accidents after law enforcement, hoping to strengthen speed management and reduce traffic accidents.

"We will look for other reasons to make it 'shut down'," said Councilor Lu Wenxin. The speed measurement in the Jianshan section only prolongs the travel time for residents. It will cause complaints from the residents. It is recommended that the county government continue to suspend the enforcement and hope that "the speed measurement in the Jianshan section will not be used again". the right way.