A 13-year-old girl secretly hanged her grandfather and grandmother.

Inside the house in Bang Bo district, Grandfather woke up at 4 a.m. and saw the bathroom turn on the light and break the door to find a breathless body.

Close friends reveal

The subject was pressured to study.

No knots were bullied by friends.

At 7:00 a.m. on January 31, 2023, Police Lieutenant Wattanakit Yod-Art, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Bang Phli Noi Police Station.

Samut Prakan Province

together with Por Tek Tung Foundation

Doctor on duty at Bang Bo Hospital

Investigate the death of a person hanging by the neck in a house in the area of ​​Moo 5, Khlong Niyom Yatra Sub-district, Bang Bo District. The scene of the incident was a one-story house.

In the bathroom area behind the house, a white rope was tied to the bathroom rafters.

and a chair is placed

As for the deceased relatives, they brought him down to the bedroom.

Knowing the name of a girl, Joy (fictional name), 13 years old, a student in Grade 1 at a school in Chachoengsao Province.

The left wrist has a cut from a sharp object.

Died at least 6 hours before the body was taken for an autopsy at Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Hospital.

to find the cause of death further

Inquiring about Mr. Chom (fictional name), 77 years old, the grandfather said that the granddaughter was a well-educated, cheerful child who was well-fed.

But there are some fierce sometimes.

By never seeing that the granddaughter would tell me anything.

I don't know why I had to think short.

In the morning he woke up at four in the morning and walked to see if

Is your granddaughter awake?

Saw that the bathroom light was on and understood that he had woken up before going to do something else.

When I walked back, I saw that my nephew had not yet left the bathroom.

Called, but there was no response, so the door was broken.

found that the nephew had been hanged

So help bring him down to the ground.

Ms. Oil (fictional name), 30 years old, the deceased's aunt, said that her granddaughter was a person with a highly private world.

likes to stay in the room

and likes to be addicted to mobile phones

But he never explained anything else to listen to.

and is a well-educated child

So I don't understand what the nephew is stressed about.

Check out the messages you've chatted with your friends on your phone.

Found a message saying goodbye to death

by telling a friend that he would ask to hang himself at midnight

Friends try to encourage

before the conversation ends

Later, in the late morning at a school where the deceased attended in the area of ​​Muang District, Chachoengsao Province, Mr. Voraphot Singharat, Director of Chachoengsao Secondary Education Area

Has traveled to follow the details of the story that happened

with the director of the school

A teacher at grade 1/3 and 14-year-old girl A (fictional name), a close friend of Miss Joy who died who had responded to the last chat.

Let's join the conversation and inquire about the truth.

in what happened

The director of the Chachoengsao Secondary Education Area revealed that after learning from the director of the school that children in educational institutions had died by hanging.

Therefore came to inquire about the real information.

which, from inquiring close friends of the deceased, knew that

The two have been close since the same school.

before moving to study here for a year

The deceased was a good student.

Never had a problem with a friend in the classroom.

After this, we will talk to the school director about ways to help.

and to inquire about the real problem clearly as to the reason for this short-term decision

While the class teacher of a 13-year-old girl revealed that she was very sad, did not think it would happen.

But I do not know the deep problems of the younger ones, who are normal children.

No stress or stress at school

that clearly indicates that it must be discussed in private

In which, if the child has a problem that is self-evident, he or she will have to take care of it and ask for help.

as a special case

In which the youngster lives in a normal school life.

As for the case where the younger ones may be bullied at that school.

From inquiring close friends of Nong, it was found that it was unlikely to be true.

Because there shouldn't be any factors or reasons that have to be bullied.

She is a good-looking child.

therefore should not be mocked in these matters

And the youngest has good grades.

My grades have also improved from the last semester.

The class teacher of a 13-year-old girl said that for the classroom that the younger student is studying is the EIS classroom, where friends in the room will have behaviors.

which is considered quite good for everyone

good grades everyone

There were no children in the room.

From inquiring close friends of younger people, it is known that

Most of them will tell about problems at home.

which the best friend of the younger brother did not dare to bring the problem to the teacher earlier

because he was afraid that the deceased would be angry that he would tell others about his personal story

As for girl A (fictional name), 14 years old, a close friend of the deceased revealed that the last message we spoke

My friend said that he didn't want to. He was bored. He didn't think that his friend would make such a decision.

Normally friends will come to contend with themselves.

because they were close since they were in the old school

By the story of a stressed friend who used to contend with him since he was in the 6th grade until the latest last week

Friends came to condemn the family affairs.

that he was pressured after being complained by his grandfather that his grades were not good

and last week

quarreled and had problems with her mother, was slapped by her mother, having arguments and hurting herself

Mom said she didn't want a child like this.

Their friends argue back that

I don't want this template.

therefore being slapped by his mother in the face

which had previously been told by his friend that

thought of hanging himself before

but couldn't succeed because mom came back first

Therefore hurry to collect things without anyone knowing

I didn't think that my friend typed that he wanted to die in that chat.

Friends will come and do it.