The Russian military rescued a French citizen from a yacht that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Moscow correspondent of APA reports that the Ministry of Defense of Russia has released information about this.

It was reported that the crew of the "Kama" medium tanker, which was carrying out long-range missions in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean of the warship group of the Russian Northern Fleet, received an emergency signal from the yacht in an accident. To help the crew, the "Kama" tanker left the route and moved towards the area of ​​the accident. The inspection team of the yacht disembarked and put one man and his dog on a Russian tanker along with his personal belongings. The person rescued was Lucas Monteu, a French citizen who was traveling alone in the Atlantic Ocean. During a storm, the yacht's rudder broke and water began to leak. After an unsuccessful attempt to fix the problems, he , made an emergency call.