Persons close to the Kremlin dictator, who can still influence the processes in Russia today, have two options: to save themselves by "sacrificing"


, or to sit on the dock together with him for crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Ogryzko, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current head of the Russian Research Center, told about this in an interview with

"If that category of Putin's entourage has even some elements of common sense left, then they should ask themselves a simple question: are we going to die together and sit in The Hague? They, unlike these zombified ordinary Russians, read what is written on Come on. And there they write very simply that the Tribunal will be created and all this camarilla around Putin, together with him, if he lives up to this time, will sit on the dock and sit forever, until the end of his days. This is already obvious. Because crimes those that are being committed in Ukraine today do not have a statute of limitations, they are crimes against humanity. Therefore, all the direct perpetrators and those who were ideological inspirers will be punished," he said.

According to Volodymyr Ogryzko, the entourage of the Kremlin dictator has two ways out of this situation.

"Here is a simple question, should I go towards The Hague, or should I still try to save myself, save my position, and try to give Putin as a sacrifice, like this animal to be slaughtered, and jump out myself more or less intact. I think that this is primitive thinking, today it should prevail in this group of persons who are able to influence something, because with each passing day such influence becomes less and, accordingly, the situation for them simply worsens," he summarized.

It will be recalled that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

adopted a resolution

on January 26, which states that Russia may have genocidal intent to destroy the Ukrainian national group as such or at least a part of it. 

On the same day, the PACE also adopted a decision approving its demands for 

the creation of a special tribunal

 for the crime of aggression.

The organization stressed that the political and military leaders of Russia and Belarus involved in the crimes should be identified and brought to justice.

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