A man in Guangdong, China, collided with someone while grabbing a rebound, and his head broke someone's teeth. After returning home, the wound on his head continued to bleed. After 6 days, a rancid smell wafted out. Only after medical examination did he find that the opponent's teeth were stuck on his head. .

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Basketball is a popular sport, but it is also prone to injuries, so don’t be careless; a man in Guangdong, China collided with someone while grabbing a rebound, his head broke someone’s teeth, and the wound on his head continued to bleed after he returned home , After 6 days, a rancid smell came out, and he went to the doctor for an examination and found that the opponent's teeth were stuck in his head.

According to the person involved, he went back to his hometown in Dongwan, Guangdong during the Chinese New Year. He came out to play basketball on the 23rd of junior high school. When he jumped up while grabbing a rebound, his opponent suddenly rushed over and collided with him. At first, he thought it was the opponent’s chin. It was later discovered that he broke two of the opponent's teeth. Many people put down the ball and "searched for the teeth all over the ground", but they couldn't find them anywhere.

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This "iron-headed man" saw that everyone was looking for teeth, and his own head wound continued to bleed, so he went to the nearest health station in the village to apply medicine. The doctor at the health station thought there was nothing wrong and sent him away after disinfection , He also followed the doctor's advice to disinfect the wound daily.

Unexpectedly, on the 29th, the subject smelled a rancid smell from his head, and he was so frightened that he ran to the hospital for help. The doctor shaved the subject's hair and washed the blood scab on the top of his head. In the wound, the nurse thought it was maggots at first glance, but when he looked closely, he found that there were actually two broken teeth embedded in the wound.

It turned out that the opponent's teeth had been stuck on the subject's head all the time. It was speculated that the wound was bloody and bloody at the time of the incident, and the doctor who treated the wound at the health station did not take a closer look, which caused the tooth to get stuck in the wound for many days.

In the end, the doctor assisted the client to dig out the broken tooth, and sewed 4 stitches on the wound on the head. Although it was a minor injury, the incident was too weird and sparked discussion.

The person responded humorously, and said with a smile, "After playing a game, two teeth were left on the head, a three-centimeter wound, four stitches were stitched, it took five minutes, it took six days to stay on the head, seven days after shampooing, and the stitches could be removed after eight days. , See you in nine (long) lives, it’s outrageous.” These two broken teeth followed him to climb two mountains, went to several counties and cities, and stayed up all night playing mahjong, “If it’s gold teeth, I’ll earn it.” .