Xianji Hall in Jianshan, Lake West launched a Golden Brick Ping An Turtle, and wished the students their admission with the number one scholar hat.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Penghu West Begging Turtle Celebration is about to start, and temples around the world are in full swing for preparations. In addition to Magongsuo Hong Kong Ziwei Palace beer tortoise, Baisha Chikan Wenheng Shengdi Temple launched nine-headed tortoise, Huxi Jianshan Xianji Temple launched gold bricks Safe tortoises, each with its own characteristics, also add color to this year's event.

In Wenheng Shengdi Temple in Chikan, Baisha, 30,000 catties of white rice were used for begging turtles during the Lantern Festival this year, and they were stacked into 9-layer rice turtles, which became the unique characteristic rice-wrapped turtles in the Penghu Islands.

Each tortoise has an auspicious homophony, which are the tortoises of longevity, the two turtles of goodness, the three turtles of fortune, the tortoises of health, the five tortoises of good luck, the six tortoises of good harvest, the seven tortoises of auspiciousness, the eight tortoises of good luck, and the nine tortoises of high promotion.

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Jianshan Xianji Temple in the west of Huxi builds a gold brick peace turtle, which is made of 1888 gold brick boxes, which symbolizes a journey of prosperity. The shining gold bricks are stacked very dazzlingly. The 1 kg of safe rice in the box symbolizes the protection of the country and the people by the king of Xianji. compassionate mind.

During the Lantern Festival, you can buy a 100 yuan throwing ticket to participate in "The Ring of the Bell" and "Bricks of the East". Gold, etc., free throwing money to get scholarships, traditional turtle cakes throwing money to make friends, gifts and toys, etc.

In addition to the beer tortoise, nine-headed tortoise, and golden brick peace tortoise, the most popular golden tortoise in Penghu has developed into a large golden tortoise king with more than 300 taels in the Magong Shanshui God Temple, as well as the Jinsha chocolate tortoise and floating ball tortoise in the Longmen Anliang Temple. etc., are the focus of watching the Lantern Festival. The public can arrange the itinerary in advance, which is divided into Magong Line, South Ring Road and North Ring Road, and complete the turtle viewing itinerary every day.

Baisha Chikan Wenheng Temple presents the first nine-headed turtle seen in Penghu.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)