Recently, a video went viral on Twitter, in which a Japanese high school student licked a public soy sauce pot during a meal, and even touched the sushi on the turntable with his finger saliva, causing Internet bombardment. The sushi restaurant also confirmed it will sue the high school student.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Many people have the experience of eating conveyor belt sushi, but recently a video went viral on Twitter. A Japanese high school student actually licked the public soy sauce pot and even used his fingers during the meal. Touching the sushi on the turntable with saliva caused Internet bombardment, and the sushi restaurant also confirmed that it would sue the high school student.

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter. In the picture, a blond high school student can be seen eating at a restaurant of the chain sushi chain "Sushiro" (スシロー). After sneakily observing that there are no staff nearby, he unexpectedly He picked up the soy sauce jar on the table and licked it wildly. He even picked up and sucked the tea bowl on the counter. His behavior was very disgusting. What was even more exaggerated was that he then dipped his finger in his own saliva and wiped it. On the sushi on the turntable, the exposure of related pictures triggered a wave of condemnation on the Internet. The blond boy even said at one point, "Why should such a trivial matter be scolded?"

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In addition to the bombardment of netizens, some people also pointed out that the boy was a sophomore student at Gifu County Jinan Industrial High School. After the incident aroused the attention of the outside world, the boy has also closed his personal social media account. Netizens flocked Angrily criticized "the reputation of the school is ruined because of this person", "who would dare to eat conveyor belt sushi in the future", "this is not only a great harm to conveyor belt sushi, but also to the entire catering industry."

Follow-up Sushi Lang also confirmed on the 30th that the content of the film did take place in his store, and said that the store has been fully disinfected, and he has also called the police, and will sue the teenager.

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