Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov (pictured) said that when the New START treaty expires in 2026, it may end without other alternatives.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russia and the United States were originally scheduled to meet last year to discuss the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty", but Moscow announced at the last minute that the talks were postponed. The "strategic defeat" of the Russian military is considered to be the last pillar of nuclear arms control on both sides. When the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" (New START) expires in 2026, it may end without other alternatives.

According to a Reuters report, the United States and Russia signed the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" for bilateral strategic arms reduction in 2010. The treaty came into effect in 2011 and is valid for 10 years and can be extended for 5 years.

The 2021 treaty was extended until February 4, 2026.

The United States and Russia still possess a large number of nuclear weapons, which are partially restricted by this treaty.

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Although Washington hopes to reach a follow-up agreement with Moscow as soon as possible, it is still unclear what will happen after the treaty expires.

Russia and the United States were originally scheduled to hold a meeting in Cairo last November to discuss the content of the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" (New START). Moscow finally announced the postponement of the talks, and the two sides have not yet set a date for the meeting since then.

At the same time, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov (Russian News Agency) (RIA) asked on the 30th whether the authorities envisioned that there would be no nuclear arms control agreement after 2026. Condition."

Ryabkov revealed that the United States has ignored Russia's interests in recent years and abolished most of the structure of arms control.

"New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty may very well fall victim to such a situation. Our side is prepared to deal with such a situation," he said.

Ryabkov pointed out that the overall situation in the security field, including the control of armaments and weapons, has been suppressed by the United States' line of imposing strategic defeat on Russia. He emphasized that "we will use all methods or means to resist in the strongest possible way."

It is known that the U.S. has provided Ukraine with more than $27 billion in security assistance so far, including 8,500 sets of Javelin Anti-tank Missiles and more than 1 million 155mm artillery shells.