The ex-soloist of "VIA Gra"

Misha Romanova

told how she communicates with her four-year-old son Martin at home.

In an exclusive comment on the website, the singer admitted that she is now gradually improving her command of the Ukrainian language.

"Now I'm trying to switch to Ukrainian, although, I admit, it's a little difficult. I'm learning on my own. In my circle, with my friends, we also try to communicate in Ukrainian. When I come to Kyiv, I also definitely switch to Ukrainian," shared Misha.

Misha Romanova with her son / Photo:

Romanov also accustoms his son to Ukrainian culture and is actively involved with him.

Now the boy is in Germany with his grandmother, so the singer brings him Ukrainian books and games from Kyiv.

"I also teach my son to communicate in Ukrainian. Every time I return to him from Ukraine, I bring him books, games, in Ukrainian. If I let him watch some cartoons, although it rarely happens, but also all in Ukrainian language," said Romanova. 

Misha Romanova with her son / Photo:

As you know, Misha Romanova is raising her four-year-old son on her own.

The performer does not name the boy's father, but Martin's godfather was the singer Max Barskikh. 

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