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In North Macedonia, the Yugoslav way of thinking dominates and continues the anti-Bulgaria scheme as a way of governing.

This is what the chairman of the "Bulgarian Memory" Foundation, Milen Vrabevski, said in the program "More of the Day" on BNT.

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He announced that an initiative prepared by him together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the performance of the theatrical production "Vrtazhalets" was canceled "for technical reasons", but he assured that he would continue to work for its realization.

The best European integration of North Macedonia is cultural integration.

With such initiatives, we are moving forward towards the European integration of our western neighbor, Vrabevski pointed out.

It is very important to bring the children together from both sides of the border.

There are no conflicts between them.

I initiate their joint appearance in some direction.

The Bulgarian clubs are an example of how a normal action plan can be made in the direction of Europe and there can be joint initiatives between the two countries.

These initiatives support convergence.

Thus, our brothers in Macedonia understand that Bulgaria has it and that it helps many people.

Children on both sides of the border deserve a better future, emphasized the chairman of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation.

Our ambassador to the RSM returned to Skopje

It is important for me to set a good example, he added.

Milen Vrabevski advised the Bulgarian politicians to apply the "investor's approach" in our relations with North Macedonia, to find budget funds so that the integration can take place. 

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