The time has come to normalize the dialogue between Sofia and Skopje.

This was explained to BNR by Kosta Filipov, who is a long-time correspondent of Bulgarian media in Skopje.

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"I hope that on February 4 there will be no sharp incidents and subtle attempts at provocation from both sides.

There is nothing wrong with people from both sides of the border celebrating Gotse Delchev together"

Kosta Filipov commented on the statement of Daniel Laurer from the PP that Hristiyan Pendikov, who was brutally beaten in North Macedonia, is not a Bulgarian citizen, but only defines himself as a person with Bulgarian self-awareness.

"We have had such clumsy statements on the subject of Daniel Laurer's North Macedonia before.

This is due to speaking in principle without knowing the specific situation and the overall situation in the SM.

This is a low political culture"

Even before the incident with Hristiyan Pendikov, there were attacks against Bulgarian clubs, even attempts at arson, Filipov reminded.

"This case was part of a series.

 Apparently, the time has come to say that this cannot be done with people who have declared their Bulgarian self-awareness".

The peak of the tension, which arose as a consequence of the case of the beating of Kristian Pendikov, has been reached and the curve is going down

, Filipov believes.

He suggests that preventive work has been done on the Bulgarian side with regard to the organizers of the groups that are about to travel to North Macedonia.

There is a feeling that the failure to form a government has created a slightly higher degree of nervousness in our politicians.

In North Macedonia, there is also pressure from VMRO-DPMNE to hold early elections, in which the party expects to return to power, the journalist explained.

"However, it became

clear that the 

Bulgarian ambassador is returning to Skopje and will fulfill his duties to the full extent


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