The Hsinchu City Government agreed to join the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform initiated by Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan. The city government stated that it will cooperate and share experience through the platform.

From the left, Hsinchu City Vice Mayor Cai Liqing, Mayor Gao Hongan, and Secretary General Zhang Zhixiang will also establish municipal communication mechanisms with other local governments.

(Photo by reporter Hong Meixiu)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Hsinchu Report] Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan agreed to join the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform initiated by Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, which was interpreted by the outside world as another "blue-white cooperation".

In this regard, the Hsinchu City Government confirmed that this is indeed the case. The city government spokesperson Shi Shuting said that cross-domain governance is a necessary homework for local governments, and the city government welcomes all local governments to come and exchange ideas.

Shi Shuting said that Hsinchu City is a part of the life circle of Taozhu Miao. In the past, the city government has exchanged business affairs with the local government of Taozhu Miao many times. Now it hopes to go further and establish a stable cooperation model with neighboring counties and cities to jointly solve practical problems. question.

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At present, the Hsinchu City Government has established a special working group with the Hsinchu County Government. The county secretary-general acts as a window. The first step is to discuss issues such as garbage removal and bottom slag removal. It is hoped that a cooperation memorandum can be signed as soon as possible in the future. Looking forward to cooperating with other neighboring counties and cities.

At the same time, I would like to thank Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan for inviting the Hsinchu City Government to join the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform. The city government will embrace the mood of learning together and making progress together, and look forward to asking the seniors to benefit the municipal government and achieve the benefits of county-city cooperation and experience sharing through the platform. .