, the demand for workers with specialized education and knowledge of the Ukrainian language has increased tenfold.

This trend is primarily related to the opening of Ukrainian companies or their branches abroad. writes about it.

According to the data, there are currently more than 25,000 companies in Poland that either opened their branches there or completely moved their activities due to the war, the loss of customers and the departure of almost 30% of the population from Ukraine.

Most often, it is precisely such enterprises or companies that are looking for employees who speak Polish and Ukrainian, and also know the specifics of the work of Polish companies, the market and the intricacies of Polish taxation.

It is noted that 

the most offers for Ukrainian-speaking specialists

are in the field of trade and accounting.

There are also requests for Ukrainian-speaking tax specialists and other office workers. 


for the command of the Polish language

, if the employee is not involved in external communication, this is not a mandatory requirement - it is enough to know only the Ukrainian language.

"There used to be an average of 200-250 requests for Ukrainian-speaking employees during the whole year. But for the whole six months, we have observed that the demand for such employees has increased tenfold, and since the beginning of the new year, the dynamics have become even greater," says Anna Jobolda, director from the personnel selection of the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

The report of the economic institute "Ukrainian companies in Poland after the start of the war in 2022" showed that in Poland from January to September 2022,

3.6 thousand jobs were created in companies with Ukrainian capital and 10.2 thousand individuals were registered. entrepreneurs from Ukraine.

In addition, according to available data, 75% of entrepreneurs in Poland opened a business in the country in order to raise funds for themselves and their families, and 66% expressed their intention to continue their activities in a neighboring country regardless of the situation in Ukraine. 

Also, the employment of only a third of the refugees in Poland increases the country's GDP by 3.5%, so creating favorable conditions for them on the labor market is in the interests of the Polish economy.

It will be recalled that the study showed that

61% of Ukrainian refugees in Poland still remain unemployed.

They are unable to find employment due to insufficient knowledge of the Polish language, lack of offers that would match their qualifications, and lack of offers with part-time employment.

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