Premier Chen Jianren led a group photo of the new cabinet team.

(Photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Premier Chen Jianren officially took office today and held a temporary meeting.

In addition to the four major tasks assigned by the president, Chen Jianren reminded the new cabinet at the court meeting that it is necessary to strengthen the ability to deal with public opinion. From the very beginning of policy promotion, it is necessary to use easy-to-understand language and methods to "immediately, quickly and effectively" support the government. The committee and the people explained to avoid misinterpretation of the good intentions of governance.

After Chen Jianren presided over the joint handover ceremony in the morning, he held the first meeting of the new cabinet.

Chen mentioned that the president entrusted the executive team with four important tasks. First, consolidate the epidemic prevention measures to make people's lives more open and normal; second, review the social care system to reduce the burden on the people; third, many countries need to be constantly improved. Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises, low- and middle-income households, and the central and southern regions have all been greatly affected by the epidemic, and all ministries need to work together to strengthen it; fourth, continue to strengthen the six core strategic industry plans to consolidate Taiwan's key position in the global supply chain.

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In addition, Chen Jianren also put forward a few special reminders, hoping that everyone will work together.

He first emphasized that this year will be full of challenges according to the economic conditions of the world, and the steady promotion of government affairs is the key among the keys.

The administrative team must go on the road immediately and work hard every second to serve the people of the country.

Second, Chen Jianren mentioned that the recent dissemination of fake news and fake news has indeed had a great impact on all governance.

Therefore, he asked the new cabinet team to have the ability to fully discuss the government affairs it promotes, and to strengthen the ability to deal with public opinion in real time.

Ministries are the most important policy executors. They must clearly communicate with the society, including explaining to the supervisory legislators, and conveying to the people, especially those who are interested, what the government intends to do in an easy-to-understand language and way.

then what to do

Why do you want to do this?

How do you hope to achieve this goal?

Policies need to be fully articulated at the outset, and then made accessible to the people.

Chen Jianren said that he had noticed that the administrative team led by President Su had already had a good mechanism for dealing with public opinion. However, he hoped that the ministries would not only respond quickly and clarify issues, but also think about how to let the audience The habits of the people have changed, and the government's policies can be conveyed correctly and effectively, so as to avoid misinterpretation of the good intentions of the policies.

Chen Jianren instructed that the spokesperson Chen Zongyan should be invited to lead the efforts of the spokespersons of various ministries and commissions, so that the public must fully understand the goals and practices of our government's governance.

Chen Jianren then mentioned that he hopes that the nine political commissars will play the role of inter-ministerial coordination, because many government affairs require everyone to work together to achieve the goal, such as air-conditioning in shifts, African swine fever epidemic prevention, and even COVID-19.

In addition to the combat power of the various ministries, the ability to coordinate with each other is also very important. Political commissars are needed to help promote cooperation between the ministries, find the best plan, and maximize the team's combat power.

Chen Jianren encouraged cabinet members to say that a really good shepherd must be with the flock. There is a saying that "a good shepherd is full of the breath of the flock". Good governance work.

We must have empathy, caring, and a real understanding of the needs of the people.

Of course, you must have wisdom, innovation, and continuous improvement in your work. The most important thing is to have the courage to change the facts that can be changed.

And when things cannot be changed, it is very important that we have the peace of mind to accept it.

We hope that the team will regard serving the people as a common belief. Our goal is to create a "warm and resilient Taiwan."

In addition, the Executive Yuan stated today that the first official document approved by Chen Jianren after taking office was the "Net Zero Emission Path 112-115 Outline Plan".

This plan consists of 9 ministries including the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of the Interior, National Science Council, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Council of Agriculture, Maritime Commission, and Environmental Protection Agency, and proposed 56 sub-plans with a total cost of about 74.3 billion Yuan, with a total period of 4 years.

The Government Council stated that the plan is expected to focus on five major tasks: "Decarbonized Energy", "Industry and Energy Efficiency", "Green Transportation and Vehicle Electrification", "Industry and Energy Efficiency", "Negative Carbon Technology" and "Governance" Aiming at the goal of net zero carbon emission, we will carry out various aspects of mitigation and adjustment.

Net-zero carbon emission has become the focus of industrial development in various countries, and it is also the consensus goal of global environmental sustainability. The government must start immediately to bring various domestic industries and related fields in line with international standards, so that Taiwan can develop sustainably!